Spread The Word Of God

The wisdom and values of the world’s religions have been preserved throughout the ages through their writings:  The OLD TESTAMENT, the NEW TESTAMENT, the KORAN, the WRITINGS OF BUDDHA, the WRITINGS OF CONFUCIUS, the BHAGAVAD-GITA and many more, as well as the enlightened colloquialisms of their people..  These are literally the word of God.  Our organization SPREADTHEWORDOFGOD.COM researches specific words of God, emblazons them on to thick, nearly indestructible laminated plaque images suitable for hanging on your wall.  They will serve as a constant reminder and inspiration.  Our nearly indestructible laminated plaque images are very inexpensive.

A unique thing about our organization – SPREADTHEWORDOFGOD.COM is that we will double tithe, donate, 20% of the proceeds from all of the plaques that you purchase from us – to the religion of your choice.  You purchase $10 from us and we take $2 from that $10 and donate it to the religion of your choice.

A positive entity that I hope will evolve out of this website is that people, especially young people, will become more aware as to how their deepest and most basic religious roots are so deeply aligned.  Thus making it a little more easy to love one another and a little more difficult to hate one another, resulting in an understanding world that will coexist in peace.

Please view our offerings.  Purchase the ones that you enjoy for yourself and as gifts for your friends and relatives.  Reap the rewards of the word of God and simultaneously help support your religion.

Dr. Michael LossDr. Michael R. Loss
Founder & CEO of